Dissertation Editing


What about all that APA stuff?

At Dissertation Consulting Services, we have years of experiencing in research and editing APA style writing. We can help in organizing your sources and then properly citing them both in text and referencing them at the end of the dissertation into a standardized format.

Everyone knows it is extremely difficult to edit your own writing, no matter how well you write. Additionally, there are specific writing and technical requirements when it comes to APA style writing. Since?Dr. Perez has?taught APA for years this is one of our special areas of expertise, so?we can easily help you with:

? Editing of your writing for grammar and APA style requirements

? Ensure all citations, tables, and figures meet APA requirements

Finally Dissertation Consulting Services can help in another important area as you move to writing the main writing of the dissertation. Here we can provide step-by-step dissertation help and guidance on all the parts of the dissertation (title page, abstract, acknowledgements and contents, list of tables and figures, main body, conclusion, references) of the dissertation. With these aspects of the dissertation completed, the dissertation will be much more manageable. This is because we can relieve the confusion so many feel as they seek to answer the many questions involved in this most difficult process. Dissertation Consulting Services can become a catalyst to help you finish your dissertation in the right amount of time and in the best form possible.

?What is AMA and how does it differ from APA?

AMA is a publication style used by the American Medical Association. While there are several ways of citing sources when we write, AMA specifies these for use in journals published in the medical field, while APA is more typically used by those in the social sciences.

AMA differs from APA is several ways, so it is important to know which citation style your discipline requires.
Compared to APA, AMA uses:

? Reference lists that are numbered, not alphabetized, in order the sources are used in the text.

? In the text, AMA citations are numbered; there is no parenthetical author, year, or page number (APA uses (Smith, 2001), etc.)

? There are no periods after initials, nor is there an ampersand in the author section of each Reference list item (Jones RM, Smith PS vs Jones, R.M., & Smith, P.S.)

? The date appears after title, not immediately after author like it does in APA

? There is a space after the journal name and before the rest of the citation. Arch Ophthalmol. 2004;122(1):76.

? No spaces between year, volume, issue, page no. 2001;36(2):147-159.

? Journal titles abbreviated, not spelled out: Am J Med.

? The number of authors cited in the reference page is very different from APA.

? Duchin JS. Can biological terrorism save us from pertussis? Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. 2004;158(2):106-107.